Lambo Anlo – Friday Critique


Watch and Listen Here: Lambo Anlo – Friday

Alright I’m not here to judge videos or acting, because that ain’t my expertise.  But as a person with their own opinion I’d like to like to throw in that homie should put that acting ish to the side. But on a serious tip, the kid can spit.  He got a nice flow, a strong execution, and good presence in his voice.  I like how he has a bridge and hook, not too many artist tend to do that.  Lyrics are eh.  Nothing special, but his flow definitely makes up for it….. to the average listener. But for me, come on son.  You execute everything nicely, but I think he can step up them bars a bit.  He has a few schemes here and there, some light jabs, but nothing worth mentioning. The major issue for me is his redundancy.  Consistency is good, but he’s TOO consistent to the point that all the verses sound the same and it sometimes blends in with the hooks to make it seem like one long verse. Put some character or emotion in your voice.  The beat is redundant too, I know it has nothing to do with him but his redundant tone with his redundant beat can put people to sleep fast. Be the contrast to the beat and switch it up more. The beat is chill, so his energy level goes with the vibe of the song.  But the drinking and smoking concept is starting to get very annoying.  We get it.  You get drunk and high. Who doesn’t? Do something different.

The Critique: You have all the tool necessary to be great.  You just need to utilize them better.  The redundancy is a real killer to my ears. I know the song is mad chill, so I don’t expect a variety of emotions in your voice, but if this is the case, I suggest making it shorter and have someone else do the hook. Keep the same hook if need be, but there needs to be some change in the sound especially when the beat is a 4 bar loop.  Christ.  But you got everything else locked so keep at it and you’ll go far.

Flavor: Hip Hop

Execution: 5/5

Flow/Delivery: 5/5

Energy: 3/3

Character: 1/2

Lyricism: 2/5

Final Rate: 16/20 DECENT You could’ve gotten a higher rating if I didn’t get so bored.




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