Raising The Bar Event Critique

This past Saturday, I had my Raising The Bar Hip Hop Showcase event.  I will basically critique my own event from an inside and objective viewpoint.


(My homie Fito Corleone from 848 killing it)



1. I didn’t want it to be a packed house because this was a trial and error event for future ones.  So that way if there were any errors, it would be only in front of a small crowd of rappers who would understand that when it comes to technology, shit happens.

2. Technical Difficulties… Well, shit happened.  And this can happen to anyone. But we had so many. Feedback issues, volume issues, clarity issues, cord issues, mic issues, I mean it really felt like I was gonna go crazy.  Each issue had different variables so it wasn’t necessarily specifically one person’s fault.  Half way through the show we got things figured out, and the rest went smoothly, but wow was it stressful.

3. Acoustics…. The acoustics of the tiny venue had sound bouncing everywhere and this contributed to the sound quality and clarity, especially with the drummer. That’s just something I couldn’t help. Different venue next time?

4. Misunderstandings… One of the reasons we had issues was sending songs to the DJ.  Some emailed, some brought CD’s, some brought Ipods, phones, etc.  One e-mail apparently didn’t get to the DJ which led to an artist to explode on stage in anger.  I don’t know if the e-mail was sent to the DJ’s spam, or was even sent at all, but it led to a memorable performance from this specific artist that night. But it wasn’t a good memorable. Next time I have to be assertive with how things songs should be sent.


1. Full House… The house was packed! Though this isn’t what I wanted or planned to have, I can’t complain about good business.  Usually I’m used to Rap Shows being a small crowd of just rappers and maybe a few of their friends.  But people brought crowds with them and a lot of non-musicians came.  The bar owners were impressed, so I did a good job in that aspect. Though I was still down the hole $80, money in my pocket was the last thing on my mind anyway.

2. Drinks… They were cheap

3. Hotdogs… They were free lol

4. The People… I feel like I let a lot of people down. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal to them, because it wasn’t their show, but with all the issues we had, some people weren’t able to perform, or had to cut their performance short. But everyone (with the exception of one disgruntled artist, who later apologized) was cool about it. People were very supportive of the event and of each other. The vibe was exactly what I was looking for.

Overall, I thought the turn out was great, the performances that didn’t have technical difficulties were dope, but the technical difficulties were the main issue that kept reoccurring.  It stopped the flow of the show. It made both me and the DJ look bad. It had a weak beginning when everyone was there, and had a stronger finish when half of them left.  So over all I give my show a WACK. Who knows if that’s what anyone else thought.  Maybe the issues weren’t that much of a deal to anyone else like it was to me, but like I said… I’m judging objectively.  But its a learning experience and hopefully the next show (If I do another one) will be better because of the lessons I’ve learned from this one.

Thanks to all who came and supported.  I feel I do owe you all a better show for you all to perform at with no issues. I will keep you updated, follow the blog!


4 Responses to “Raising The Bar Event Critique”

  1. Show was good, technical difficulties happen and sound checks help with that. Best idea ever was having everyone be there at the start because of the names from a hat idea, genius in my opinion. Thanks for the opportunity for sure fam, let’s do it again

  2. I give the show a rating of COOL. It wasn’t wack to me because…c’mon…shit’s gonna happen. Technical difficulties would be number one on my list of things that happen at a live show. But people previal through it. I had a dope time performing and enjoying the show as a whole. The artist that shall not be named was definitely a memorable moment, good or bad. Nobody got into a fight, which is rare these days and the vibe was what I liked, a calm crowd. A lot of love in the room from what I felt. Being there from the start to being told I didn’t have to go home, but I had to get the f*ck outta there, once the festivities were over, was cool. I always try to show love by staying till the final act, showing them the support I would want if I was the final act. I got lucky this time in that, I was able to perform when the crowd was peaking, which is rare for me. Overall, if I had a crystal ball and saw how the show would turn out, I’d would had definitely gone to the show. I had fun, so did my peoples, and I got to interact with cats I respect. Sounds like a good night to me. It could had gone better but it also could had gone worst.

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