Critique: CM The MC feat. Choice – Away For A While

Track: CM The MC feat. Choice – Away For A While

Well this is disappointing.  We get only 16 bars from CM (Right) throughout the whole song.  Quality over quantity, but quality wasn’t able to compensate for lack of a whole verse.  The beat was quite slow so I can understand how certain people like to keep it nice and short for radio play purposes (Note: Singles for the radio should be NO LONGER than 3:00), BUT you must step it up in lyricism.  The song was a love/girl track so no need to get super lyrical, but the lyrics didn’t really do much for me at all.  I know CM personally and he’s usually more raw, so I don’t think this concept fits him very well.  The reason why it was disappointing is because we do not get enough CM.  16 bars in total of mediocre lyrics doesn’t do anybody.  His delivery is mad raw too and usually I would let it pass but for this specific song and concept, I’d have to say it would hurt his rating.  His execution was alright and his energy was calm, exactly what your’re supposed to do when you whisper sweet nothings in a girl’s ear.  His character was himself and he had a very laid back swagger, so I think that was cool, perfect for this situation.  The hook seemed very weak, Choice (Left) knows what he’s doing but I don’t think has the actual voice for it without any serious  effects and trust me there are no serious effects on here, thus leaving it to sound bland.

The Critique: For a track like this, flatten out your flow to make it smoother, girls like smooth.  It may help if you use a beat with a faster tempo so it’ll be easier to shorten/cover gaps in your lines to make your flow seem more natural.  Have the singer use a lot more layers, highs, lows, and even maybe other singers to fill up the hook.  The lyrics are nothing special, depending on what crowd you going for, you’d have to adjust to them.

Flavor: Hip Hop

Execution: 3/5

Flow/Delivery: 2/5

Character: 2/2

Energy: 3/3

Lyricism: 2/5

Final Rate: 12/20 WACK Not far from ‘decent’ though.


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