Critique: Parallel Kidz – F Bomb Party

TRACK: Parallel Kidz – F Bomb Party

Parallel kidz consists of C Dot Castro (Right) and Prolifiq (Left).  This is the first double time track submitted, but wow, these cats are dope!  Their flow is dope and constantly changes up, slows down, and speeds up from both artists.  Their character within the song is really energetic which fits the ‘party theme’ in the song, so that knocks out 2 birds with one stone.  Nice lines, nothing too crazy and nothing too cliche except the “Party” and “Bacardi” scheme.  Def nice hook, but its a bit TOO redundant.  They have bridges, hooks, choruses, and in each one they repeat “fucked up,” which can get annoying to some…. like me.  One part of the hook when 2 people are saying something simultaneously, they need to get the producer to pan them to opposite sides, its frustrating to listen to.  It sounds like 2 people trying to talk over each other.  Their delivery wasn’t as clean as I hoped it to be.  Both artists slipped at least once, which knocks them down a point, but they executed this track nicely.  Kudos.

The Critique: This was a dope track.  Keep an ear out for them slip ups before anyone else does, it isn’t a good look.  I understand you’re trying to make the song catchy, but don’t go over board.  I personally heard it twice and cant hear it anymore, but thats me.  Good job for the most part though.

Flavor: Hip Hop

Execution: 5/5

Flow/Delivery: 4/5

Character: 2/2

Energy: 3/3

Lyricism: 3/5

Final Rate: 17/20 DOPE Well done


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