Critique: Bishop Ninex – 7th Round Draft Pick

TRACK: Bishop Ninex – 7th Round Draft Pick

When I found out the beat was Dilla, I got excited.  This is just a long verse really, not a whole song.  But I liked what I heard, just certain things that made me shake my head.  But let’s break it down.  Bishop had some nice word play, spitting in multi’s and shit like “Warm moist vagina with moisturizer” had me going, bravo.  He definitely shined there, but it just seemed like he read it off of his notepad or blackberry.  There was no type of character, swag, or anything to emphasize and/or bring out the word play.  The thing that killed his execution points was a couple HORRID punch-ins.  It was pretty awful.  His delivery was pretty average, he could’ve delivered it a bit smoother.  There were certain parts where the flow got choppy and shakey.  This happened pretty often.  When it came to the ‘6 multi schemes in one line’ part, he def started falling off like he was gasping for breath which contributes to falling off beat a bit.  If I can notice something like that, your execution points drop a bit.  His energy on it was pretty consistent and proper for this beat.  His creativity is where it needs to be at, but he needs to get a grip of the beat as he lays it down.

The Critique: Your lyricism is good and word play is on point but you need to work on that delivery and execute it stronger.  Try punching in more if you can’t go all the way, but also focus on the punch-in transition.  Try to make sure it doesn’t sound like a totally different person jumping in, in each cut.  Your vocal presence on it (Delivery, execution, etc) easily dragged down your dope rhymes.  But this is another example of small changes making a big difference.

Flavor: Hip Hop

Execution: 3/5

Flow/Delivery: 2/5

Character: 0/2

Energy: 3/3

Lyricism: 4/5

Final Rate: 12/20 WACK Clean it up 


One Response to “Critique: Bishop Ninex – 7th Round Draft Pick”

  1. good critique! I really didn’t even think of the punch-in’s as an issue! After listening again I noticed what you said about my swag and delivery. Thanks for a good review from a respected artist, like you said the little things can make a big difference!! Props, i’ll be sending more your way!

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