Critique: Prota J – I Be

Track: Prota J – I Be

Alright, I’m going to say this track is overall average to me.  Execution and delivery is strong though it falls off here and there, it stops him from getting the perfect 5/5.  His flow is decent, nothing crazy, but he seems comfortable thus letting his own personality out along with a natural attitude to apply to the feel of the song.  It’s laid back and a little lazy which fits the beat and vibe of the song nicely.  His character is real “swagged” out and it fits this vibe and he has the perfect balance of energy required to apply to the song.  But all in all, his lyrics were mad basic.  Its not amateur, its mostly just bland.  No quotables, punches, multi’s, word play, or memorable lines.  I would say that’s what held him back the most.  So at the end of the day, it’s average.

The Critique: Everything is mostly OK, I would suggest trying to rhyme in multi’s for improvement in lyricism ratings.  Brush up the very small amount of scuffles on certain lines and try shortening your lines to let your words fit better.  I think the rest of your critique is creativity.  Try to play around with rhymes and fool around with different words.

Flavor: Hip Hop

Execution: 4/5

Flow/Delivery: 3/5

Character: 2/2

Energy: 3/3

Lyricism: 2/5

Final Rate: 15/20 DECENT


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