Critique: CGSX OmeGa – Live By The Sword

TRACK: CGSX OmeGa – Live By The Sword

The beat reminds me of the shit I used to make in 06.  I like the underground raw feel.  But for real, this joint blew me.  I loved the feel until the 3rd bar started, that’s when everything collapsed.  The flow was sloppy and the lines struggled to stay on beat.  It seemed too rushed.  I’m mad because OmeGa had a strong voice that could help bring out anything he said, but his execution and delivery was so weak, one of his strengths backfired.  It seemed like he was so focused on trying to stay on beat (but failing), he couldn’t focus on pronouncing and articulating his words clear enough for people to hear and understand.  I like where he’s going with concept and the lyrics (from what I can understand) were decent.  Certain parts, OmeGa didn’t rhyme and that pisses me off, thus held him back from getting a 3/5 in Lyricism.  There was no word play or crazy punches and the hook was decent for what it is within it’s flavor of hip hop.  This song needs a LOT of polishing, but as raw as it is, it may not need AS much polishing compared to other sub genres due to it’s content and style.  The poor mixing may play a part in this as well.

The Critique: Focus on riding/flowing on the beat smoother and take your time, pace yourself when laying down your vocals.  That is your biggest problem.  Also touch up on your execution, make sure you pronounce every letter of every word so people can hear what your point is.  But as bad as this review may be, I feel these small touch ups can make the biggest difference in your ratings.

Flavor: Underground Hip Hop

Execution: 1/5

Flow/Delivery: 0/5

Character: 1/2

Energy: 2/3

Lyricism: 2/5

Final Rate: 5/20 WACK But both the song and the artist have a lot of potential


One Response to “Critique: CGSX OmeGa – Live By The Sword”

  1. I got you. I did this song in like 09′ so I’m definitely going to have to re-do this one. lol, the irony of the rating and what I said in the first verse about being wack. I appreciate the honesty.

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