Critique: Goobs – Show Off (Produced by Charli Brown)

TRACK: Goobs – Show Off

First off, I’d like to say I really liked the beat, but this doesn’t compensate for what Goobs lack in his verses.  Lyrics are mad basic and it seemed like he got lazy by rhyming the same words, repeating lines, or not even rhyming at all.  As an artist, hearing rhymes that DON’T rhyme make me cringe, so you get no points there.  The vibe of the track is nice, I really like that.  It’s chill and has a sense of both opposite ends of the spectrum together.  But with this vibe and beat you have to say something better than the bland lines displayed throughout this song.  Nothing switches up, so its the same flow over and over.  That too is pretty bland, and it takes so much away from everything else that actually stands out. The hook has flange but its pretty obvious that it needs some pitch correction or even autotune if necessary.  His delivery was basic but it was clear and his execution was pretty solid.  There wasn’t a word in there I couldn’t understand.  Most of his points have to do with staying on beat and speaking clearly. His energy sort fit the concept, but it was too consistent for this topic.  I felt his character and presence on this track was good.

The Critique: Your flow is too broken, extend word emphasis or add in single syllable words to patch in the gaps of your lines to provide a smoother flow.  Try to rhyme every bar more often, after getting into that habit, start working on multi’s.  Expand your vocab.

Flavor: Hip Hop

Execution: 2/5

Flow/Delivery: 1/5

Character: 2/2

Energy: 2/3

Lyricism: 0/5

Final Rate: 7/20 WACK and I was quite generous.


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